Youston helps you beat corona

13 Mar 2020

An increasing number of enterprises are implementing stringent measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Although it is not possible for all organisations, teleworking is the best solution in many cases. Youston helps your enterprise facilitate efficient teleworking. How? With the YDM (Youston Digital Mailroom) and SOD (Scanning On Demand) solutions.

Preventive teleworking

Your employees are the heart of your organisation, so how do you best protect them in times of corona? By making hygiene the top priority and preventing close contact to the extent possible. Teleworking is therefore one of the most efficient solutions. But how can it be implemented within your enterprise?

The solution(s) for your enterprise 

With the Youston Digital Mailroom (YDM), we digitise all your incoming mail. We then provide the content to the appropriate departments/services or people within your organisation. We will process all mail in real time and deliver it digitally to your teleworking employees. In this, we will ensure that you are constantly informed and will be in a position to reply to questions from customers or suppliers without any issues. This will also provide your employees with peace of mind and they will carry out their tasks professionally, while at the same time totally preventing infection.

We can also use SOD (Scanning On Demand) to digitise and provide you with your existing archive documents. This will ensure that teleworkers will retain access to all files. The combination of YDM and SOD represents a total solution that will ensure fast access to safe teleworking.

Safe and flexible teleworking

Our services ensure the continuity of your enterprise and the protection of the health of each of your employees at the same time.

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