Paper less

Converting the unstructured documents that enter your organisation on a daily basis into structured data you can work with,

that’s “Paper Less”.

It is a mailroom service we use to sort and digitally process your new documents, a central hub that provides the interface between your papers and scanned documents on one hand, and your digital processes on the other.

  1. You provide us your documents, mail and emails, by emailing or uploading them
  2. We identify the individual documents, classify them by document type, and extract the data you need with 100% accuracy.
  3. We deposit the processed documents and their related data in the agreed workflow.

Thanks to our “Paper Less” service, we facilitate the automation of your mailroom and workflow, as well as the implementation of your paperless office.

Do you want us to take care of the scanning as well? Just have all your future mail delivered to us.

SFTP diagram

“Paper Less” makes your work flow.

  • The coordination between your involved employees will be optimised.
  • Your team can spend more time on actual work and less time on the processes supporting this work.
  • By centralising, integrating and standardising your paperwork and electronic routines, they will become more transparent.
  • You can show your procedure for the processing of personal data from the moment you receive them, as required under the GDPR rules.
  • Going paperless at the office is environmentally responsible and modern.
  • Youston offers a simple and cost-saving solution allowing your workplace to go paperless as of tomorrow.