Paper less accounting

Paper less boekhouden

“Paper Less accounting” is the ideal solution for processing invoices into 100% accurate digital documents that can be integrated automatically as part of your accounting software.


“Paper Less accounting” is our online service intended for accountants and financial departments of organisations for converting invoices into electronic invoices (UBL) that can be downloaded directly to your accounting.

  1. You email your digital and scanned invoices to our secured FTP server.
  2. Our self-developed Content Extraction software extracts all required data from the invoices.
  3. As our in-house operators inspect any extracted data doubted by the software, you can be confident to always receive a 100% accurate result.
  4. We convert the digital data into electronic invoices in the UBL format of your accounting package.
  5. We export the digital invoices to your accounting (your authorisation processes, digital archive, etc.)
  6. Before validating it, you check if the entry proposal corresponds to the accounting rules contained in your accounting programme.

Not only do you save time by automating error-prone administrative work; having all accounting documents digitally available will make drawing up financial statements and tax returns a lot easier as well.

Online solution
To be able to submit invoices 24/7,
you only need a smartphone or a scanner and email.

Simplicity starting at the source
You simply scan your invoices in bulk to 1 PDF or TIFF, with no divider sheets between the invoices or the need to create a separate file per invoice.

Not a tool, but a service
The OCR tool usually only recognises 70% of the data.
Thanks to the commitment of our operators checking the extracted data, you can trust that our results are always 100% accurate.

If you change accounting packages tomorrow, we simply adjust the format of the electronic invoice (UBL) with no infrastructure costs.