Less paper

Less paper uit het verleden

24/7 digital availability of your entire archive without having to invest in the total digitisation thereof,

that is what “Less Paper” is all about.


  1. We use efficient indexing to map out your archive.
  2. We store your archive in our secured and air-conditioned archive rooms.
  3. We apply our practical archive management software to provide 24/7 online accessibility of your archive.
  4. If you need certain records, we will digitally deliver them into your mailbox within the hour.
  5. The documents and files you still use on a regular basis will be digitised by us immediately.

Together we will determine the respective storage periods without delay. This will keep you from storing anything longer than needed and help you shrink your mountain of paperwork.

The most useful benefits of our Less Paper solution for you :

  • You receive an efficient indexed and therefore well-organised archive
  • You will work with practical software allowing you to manage and consult your archive online at any time:
    • Registering, searching and requesting files, boxes or pallets;
    • Requesting records via Scan-on-Demand (SOD) or Delivery-on-Demand (DOD);
    • Managing users and their rights;
    • Monitoring all movements and storage periods;
    • Reporting numbers and histories.
  • Our secured and air-conditioned archive rooms allow for storage of your archive in optimal conditions.
  • It will help you find information faster.
  • You only incur costs for digitisation when it is needed,

    Less Paper allows you to work more efficiently, thus saving you time and 💰.