About Youston

Our mission

Finding and providing solutions to:

  1. make valuable company information accessible and usable.
  2. convert unstructured documents into structured data that allow integration into company processes and applications.

Our vision

Our solutions must guarantee increased efficiency and cost savings on your part; if not, we would not refer to them as “solutions”.

The Youston team is your ideal partner and you can confidently transfer the administration of your archives and new document streams to us.

In fact, we always strive for solutions that:

  • are as easy as possible,
  • are controllable,
  • can be integrated,
  • are safe and confidential.

In addition, they must allow you to:

  • decrease your expenses,
  • increase your efficiency,
  • better focus on your business

We place a high value on the principles of proper business conduct and corporate social responsibility. Whether with our customers, partners or employees, we always strive for lasting relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust. As evidenced by our 98 percent retention rate, our customers acknowledge and value this commitment, and so do our more than 40 loyal employees.